Rules and Regulations

Race Regulations

  • Participants compete the time on the designated trail within the limited time restriction.
  • Those who miss the starting time at the starting point will not be allowed to join the race.
  • Participants who fail to clear checkpoint cutoff times will not be allowed to continue the race. Please follow the instruction of the staff members.
  • Wear your bib number as instructed.
  • Make sure to bring all the equipment instructed to bring with you during the race.
  • Make sure to put rubber caps when you use walking poles and other pointing equipment.
  • Comply with the rules or instructions from race officials/course marshals during the race.
  • Make sure you fully understand the grounds for disqualification before the race.

Equipment and Wear

  • Bear bell
  • Rain jacket (also protection against cold)
  • Emergency sheet
  • Water (Bring more than 1L)
  • Food
  • Your own cup (No free cup distribution at Aid stations)
  • Health Insurance ID (photocopy is accepted)
  • Mobile phone with registered phone number

Please be sure to wear/bring all of the above. As some parts of the course are rough and slippery, we recommend that you wear protective clothing, gloves and a cap that minimize the skin exposure.

Grounds for Disqualification

  • Participants who show inadequate respect for the environment and area by dumping garbage, entering areas off the course or other actions.
  • Participants who fail to comply with instructions from race officials or course marshals.
  • Participants who falsely declare their age, gender, and identification on their applications.
  • Participants who commit wrongdoing.
  • Participants who miss the starting time.
  • Participants who fail to clear checkpoint cutoff times or those who do not reach the finish line by the final time limit.(Cutoff times are the times when you leave each checkpoint)
  • Participants who fail to bring must-have equipment.
  • Participants who do not wear their bib number. Attach your bib number to your front without bending or otherwise manipulating it.
  • Participants who run with headphones or similar items that block external sound. (Hearing aids excluded)


1)Course Preservation

  • Do not leave the course or enter any off-course areas. When you pass another participant, hiker or local resident, be sure to stay on the course.
  • Do not throw trash on the ground at any time. Keep an eye out for your personal belongings not loose them. Please pick up any trash that you find on the site.
  • Collecting or damaging plants or wildlife on the course and in the surrounding areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Walking poles are permitted, but please attach rubber caps to the points. If we determine that the course is in poor condition we may prohibit use of walking poles and similar equipment to prevent further deterioration. Be aware with the people around you when using the poles.
  • Please use the toilets at each Aid Station or a portable toilet.

2)Consideration for Hikers, Local Residents, and Other Race Participants

  • You are likely to encounter hikers and local residents on the course. When passing them in either direction, be sure to call out in advance and to exchange greetings to maintain good relations with the local community.
  • Please remember that the race is made possible thanks to the support of local residents and volunteers. Please show appropriate gratitude to them.

3) Safety Management

  • If participants decide that they are not able to continue due to injury or illness, please contact the nearest race staff member or race headquarters. The emergency telephone numbers are printed on a participants’ bib number.
  • In case the race officials find the race too difficult to continue, the race may be suspended or called off.
  • Because the entire course is in natural environment, the condition is constantly changing. Pay attention to the circumstances around you as you run and do not force yourself into any difficult situations.
  • Weather conditions on the course are likely to change suddenly, and participants can expect to face rain, gusts of wind or other conditions that can cause hypothermia. Please make adequate preparations for such conditions in advance.
  • Medical staff will be on-hand at race headquarters to deal with first aid for injuries and illness. Rescue vehicles are also standing by at each aid station to transport injured participants and those who drop out.
  • The race organizers have purchased accident insurance to cover participants’ accidents and injuries. The compensation is as follows: In case of death or lasting disability: 3,000,000 yen. Hospitalization (per day): 3,000 yen. Outpatient treatment (per day): 2,000 yen

4) Dropping Out

  • If you drop out during the race for any reason, be sure to tell course marshals or aid station staff member your name and bib number. If you are unable to do so at the time, please inform race headquarters as soon as possible. Return your timing chip at the time.

5) Course Markings

  • Guide signs and guide tape (10cm-wide vinyl tape with a yellow "Fields" logo) are installed all along the course. Tape is attached to tree branches and in other visible locations at intersections and hazardous points on the course. If you lose sight of the guide tapes, return to the spot where you last saw it and follow the correct course. Course marshals will be at key locations such as intersections and road crossings, but following course markings is the responsibility of each participant.

6) Timing Chip Return

  • Your timing chip is attached to the rear side of your bib number. Please make sure to detach it and give it to race staff or put it in the chip return box after you finish the race. If you drop out during the race, make sure to return your chip to race headquarters. Please note that there will be charge for lost or unreturned timing chips. In case you decide not to run the race, return it to the reception desk.

7) Check-In

  • Participants who fail to check in before the check-in time will not be allowed to join the race.

Grounds for Cancellation of Event

The race may be canceled in the event a weather warning is issued, the course is in poor condition due to extreme weather, or participants’ safety cannot be guaranteed. Depending upon weather conditions, the race may also be delayed, rescheduled or the course may be changed to assure participants' safety.